5 website must haves.

Implement these five easy tips and you just may see your sales increase without any advertising. You're welcome ;)

1. A call to action (CTA)

Did you know 90% of visitors who read your headline copy also read your CTA? This is your opportunity to capture a lead! CTA examples are - Book an appointment / consult / meeting / phone call. HOT TIP - Making CTAs look like buttons - this can create a 45% boost in clicks.

2. Fixed navigation

There is nothing worse than being on a website and not being able to easily navigate your way through the pages. A fixed nav is an easy peasy solution.

3. Hero messaging

People are time poor my friend and they want their information quick and fast! Visitors will read headings, dot points and snippets of information that stand out. You need to make sure that these messages are punchy, precise and get your desired message across.

4. Blog

A cleverly crafted blog will position you as an expert in your field, it will ensure your business appears current and Google (aka the online God) LOVES fresh and regular content being added to your site. It is also a way to communicate to your clients in a casual way and the topics to discuss are broad and endless! You can go from talking about the latest industry data to what your team did on a staff day out.

5. Newsletter sign up - preferably in a pop up

Before you tell me you hate pop ups, let me tell you that "sign up to our newsletter" pop ups will increase your database by up to 80%. How do I know? Because I monitor by clients subscriptions before and after we introduce the pop up. Just make it so it can be easily closed so you don't annoy people.