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Do you manage hosting?

Yes we do. We provide managed Wordpress hosting through our partner company Flywheel. Our hosting plans include:

  • SSL certificate included in hosting package
  • Nightly backups
  • Managed security (Flywheel proactively scan and block malware and hacking attempts. If your site is hacked, they fix it free if charge)
  • 24/7 Chat support for our clients (so we do not need to act as a middle man for hosting queries)
  • Managed plug-in updates. (this means all plug-in updates are automatically completed, massively reducing security risks that are common for Wordpress sites)

There are loads more inclusions but these were our must haves for when choosing a hosting partner.

What about emails, do you set these up?

No we don't manage emails or set them up. Your IT manager or host provider can help you.

How much will my website cost?

We estimate $4,000 - $10,000 for a 7-20 page site.

The variation is dependant on the volume of content and the complexity of the sites functionality.

Key points to remember when comparing our prices to other website companies:

  • We use a proven 7 step strategy to create the ultimate website that is true to your brand, talks directly to your customers and delivers you leads and sales.
  • We take the time and care to understand your brand and business before we start any work.
  • We take content seriously, providing a content strategy and copy guide to extract key brand and marketing messages. You are 100% guided to provide the best website copy. We read and advise every step of the way.
  • Our websites are 100% custom designed and unique to your brand. We do not use templates or themes to create your site. (Tip: this is a good question to ask your website provider)
  • Our designers are UX trained so your site will be built for the ultimate user experience and to deliver you leads and/or sales.
  • Our developers are senior and have more than 10 years experience. They keep up to speed with the latest trends and technologies. The sky is the limit in terms of the functionality you require. The more complex / cool / unique the request, the more excited our uber geek developers get.
  • Every site is account managed by Leigh, a senior marketing director who is passionate about producing awesome websites.

How long will my website take to make?

Short answer: 4-8 weeks for a 5-10 page site.

Seems like a long time right? Here's the breakdown..

Firstly we do content first. So that means 100% of the copy and all of the imagery and assets. This can be labour intensive for our clients because even if you get a copywriter, often it is the business owner or marketing manager that knows and understands the business and brand. We like to put a 2 weeks deadline on the content but it can take longer.

Design: a week for the first concepts, feedback and approval. Another week to roll out the remaining pages, feedback, final approval and prepare the files for development.

Development: Usually takes 40-60 hrs which we roll out over 2-4 weeks. The variation is dependant on the complexity of the site and our development schedule.

My website has gone down, what should I do?

Ok so first, don't panic!! There will be a reason your site is down and we will find it.

  1. First check if your site is actually down is is it something on your end. i.e network or browser issues. Use this site to check

  2. Check in with your IT manager to see if any updates have been made to email configurations. Any updates to DNS settings can affect your website if they have not been added correctly.

  3. Check your website hosting server (i.e Go Daddy, Blue host etc) Their servers may be down for repairs, maintenance or have had some unscheduled issues. This site is a useful tool to check popular website downtimes - Also make sure your hosting payments are up to date.

  4. Check your domain host. (Often a different supplier than your website host. Ie Crazy Domains, Netregistry, Go Daddy etc) Make sure you have renewed your domain name. This is more common than you think. If your domain has expired or they haven't received a renewal payment they simply switch off your domain. Not sure who your domain is registered with? Use this -

  5. Check with your website provider (that's us!) to see if there has been any upgrades or maintenance has occured on your site. It's rare but possible that something has gone awry when uploading new files to the server.

Points 1-4 are the most common reason a website is down so please check these first. If your site is still down, call or text Leigh on 0401 249 433.

Do you only do websites?

Websites are our core business. We know that any marketing or advertising you do, does not work efficiently if you do not have a website that converts website traffic to leads or sales.

We offer complimentary website services; so if you need a brand strategy, logo, copywriting, photography for your website then yes we absolutely provide these services.

Once your website is up and kicking goals we highly recommend implementing marketing automation and email marketing campaigns, so can definately assist our website clients in this arena.

We're also passionate about protecting and enhancing your brand so we can also help you with any design projects, including inhouse signage, flyers, digital promotions etc etc.

Do I need a brand strategy?

It is ideal but no. Brand strategies are highly valuable and recommended however after working with small - medium businesses for more than 10 years we appreciate that some businesses simply do not have the time or budget to implement.

However to deliver you an awesome website, we do need to understand your brand. This is why we have spent the time to create a detailed brand questionnaire, this has been designed to extract all the key information we need to create a website true to your brand.

Do you use Wordpress templates?

No. We do not use templates or themes.

We want your business to stand out from the crowd so all of our websites are 100% custom designed.

What platform do you use to build your websites?

For small to medium businesses we use and recommend Wordpress.

For small to medium e-commerce sites we use and recommend Shopify.

If your business is enterprise level and/or has custom requirements, we use and recommend PlatformOS, a cloud based, API focussed, Platform as a Service (PAAS) that is primed for the future of digital architecture.

Can I use my current website host?

Yes, no problem.